A Production Vehicle Company

Special Events, Trade Shows, TV & Film

Special Events, Trade Shows, TV & Film

Motor homes, star trailers, honeywagons, 2-room trailers, 15 pax vans, stake beds, fire trucks, ambulance with medics.  Trailers outfitted to your specific needs.  Tents, shades, misters, heaters, etc.  Union/non-union shows, local 631/720 personnel available.  Flexible owner-operator supplies, specialty services and equipment.  Drivers with extensive local knowledge.  We stay within your budget, and excel in customer service. All Motor Homes are WI-FI capable.

Credits Include:  Radio Music Awards, VH1 Diva Duets, Country Music Awards, Scare Tactics, Spy TV, Wheel of Fortune, BattleBots, HBO, Showtime, DreamWorks, Sting, Ice Cube, Shania Twain, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, BBC, CSI, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Bride Magazine, America Most Wanted, Penn and Teller - the Bullshit Series for HBO, Spike TV, What Not To Wear, MISS AMERICA, MISS USA, MISS UNIVERSE, THE KILLERS, SPRINT / NASCAR for Superbowl and much more.

Owners:  Rowdy McDaniel






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